Monday, January 17, 2011

Mr. Potato Head

Who doesn't love Mr. Potato Head? I want to know if there is anyone out there that reads this blog (all three of you) that never had a Mr. Potato Head. Too bad. You really missed out. I wonder how your life would have been different to have a Mr. Potato to turn to when the world was getting you down. I had a Mr. Potato Head and both the kids have had at least one version of "Head" toy. Alea got one of those kits with a Corn Head, a Carrot Head, and uh... something else.

I have resisted buying a "Darth Tater" and an "Indiana Jones in the Taters of the Lost Ark." Rather, my wife won't let me buy one. I do have a Mr. Potato Head bank (see pic). My mother gave it to me. She got it as a freebie somewhere and thought of me - I think because of how much fun she knew I'd have with it and not just because of our similarities in physical girth. [Note to self: add to Halloween Costume Ideas]

This tie is just simply fun. Real potatoes with Mr. Potato Heads scattered about. That's good times for the eyes! I'd like to shake the hand of the designer who came up with that crazy concept.

Here's a fun fact: The first Mr. Potato Head toys came out as just accessories to be use with a real potato. They were added as a prize to cereal boxes. For more of the fun history of Mr. Potato Head visit this site:


  1. I think Mr. Potato Head has you beat on girth if he was life size. lol

  2. We had Mr. AND Mrs. Potato heads. And yes we used many many real potatoes.


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