Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 25th Music Tie

This one's paired with my fine "Technology Specialist" Super Shirts. This was another one that former Pratt administrator and Dick McCall gave me. It was like brand new and of course, I was glad to get it.

One of the best things about this tie is that it makes music. It has one of those little music inserts that when pressed plays Christmas music. I had another like it for awhile. I removed the music insert because it drew kids like a magnet. The problem is that the kept poking me in the belly! (yes, I do have a doughboy tie). That tie had to be disabled. This one is a lot nicer and since I am not teaching kids all day, it hardly is noticed. There really wasn't too much interest in the tie today, except that my daughter really liked it. She kept grabbing at it and experimented to see if it would stop if she pressed it again or start over.

I did set it off accidentally a few times today. Twice I hit it getting out of the truck. Once it happened during Mrs. Hampel's first hour class. For those that aren't aware of my office/classroom situation, I share a space with an actual classroom. My area is a corner that takes on about a third of the space. It is divided from the rest of the room by tall bookcases and cabinets .

Mrs. Hampel is the Publications (among others) teacher. Her first hour is 8th grade keyboarding. She has a timer set for about 5 minutes before the bell so that the students have time to log out and put their computers away. I thought that was going off as I opened a box at my desk. It didn't take me long to realize what the music was, but the class didn't know where it originated. They got very quiet and Mrs. Hampel asked "Is that someone's phone?" I was afraid someone was going to get in trouble. So, I kept as quiet as possible...

Yeah, I 'fessed up. I really didn't think of the humor in it until later. Now I need to find that particular music for my ring tone and play it during class.

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  1. I was rather frazzled when I heard that tone because I couldn't tell who it was coming from. It is VERY funny, now, as I read it. Judy


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