Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Very Goofy Tie

Quick, name your favorite Disney character! I'll have to experiment with polls later... not tonight. My favorite character is Goofy. I always liked Goofy. He makes me laugh with that great animated physical comedy. He's always so happy and jolly -even when he is bent in half backwards falling down the stairs. This picture didn't come out very well, but is clear enough to see that the Disney gang is hauling a Christmas tree in for decorating.

Pat Aubley, Skyline's Speech Teacher gave me this tie. Just yesterday! Cool tie! My daughter loved it. In fact she loved it so much, I can't find it now. She'll bring it to me tomorrow wrapped around some stuffed animal. She loves going to Mrs. Aubley's class. Mrs. Aubley finds some really cool ways for Alea to practice her speech. The other day, I stopped in and they were decorating a metal tree with what looked like Happy Meal toys and action figures. Alea asked me what the name of one of the Animaniac figures was (Yakko) and then got to put it on the tree. Two things I now need for this blog: a picture of Mrs. Aubley's tree and an Animanics tie.

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