Sunday, January 9, 2011

Looney Tunes Hockey

Anyone for some hockey? 'Tis the weather. It is frightful outside right now, but no snow yet. I'm betting the pond at school is froze over (or is it frozen over?). I think it would be fun if we could have an impromptu hockey game. There are plastic sticks in the PE storage, but no skates. At our rural school, we all have a pair of cowboy boots hiding in the back of a closet. Pull 'em on and join us at the OWLS site! Oh wait there is the liability issue. That fantasy was fun while it lasted. Wouldn't it be fun to have teams of kids face off against each other? Better yet, wouldn't it be cool to have a staff member match? I'm betting I'd make a good goalie. I could at least take up more space at the net than other staff. However, there might be some colleagues of mine that would be a little too willing to check me into the wall. Maybe this isn't such a great idea...

That's a sport we never get to play in KS or OK schools. My first actual exposure to hockey was watching with my suite mates in Denver my freshman year in college. It was an exhibition match between the Canada and USA Olympic teams. Our suite mate Nate got us the tickets. Nate was a great friend to have. He played soccer in college and was a local Denver-ite. He was our connection to tickets to so many things. I owe a lot of the cool experiences in college to him. We got tickets late and cheap. That meant sitting in McNichols Sports Arena (no longer there) next to the roof and behind a column. Bad seats and not much to see. I remember that one of the USA players hit one of the Canadians and left with a high-sticking penalty. Later, when I moved back to NWOSU for college I got the chance to see the Wichita Thunder play. It was a better venue and I'd like to go back. Maybe I will look for some tickets and take the kids.


  1. Have you checked out the pond at the OWLS site lately? There's not enough water to even worry about liability. But there's always the other ponds on school property . . .

  2. Ha! No, I haven't seen it lately, Eric. I forgot they were draining it for the HS Science class -or is it just drying up? ...and those other ponds? No thank you! The thought of falling through turns my stomach, LOL!


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