Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oklahoma Sooners Fiesta Bowl winners!

I wore this OU tie on Tuesday, January 4 to celebrate the Sooners win of the 2011 Fiesta Bowl. I have to admit that I thought they were ranked way too high early in the season. When they lost to Missouri, I figured this would be another one of those years. Don't get me wrong, having gone to big bowl games the last few years with winning seasons is nothing to sneeze about. I was pleasantly surprised by such a good season. I like watching football and I love watching the Sooners play. I used to not make a very big deal about it in school. I didn't put up posters, or have a Sooners cup, or flaunt my OU shirt. Then I started wearing the tie and found out that the kids loved to talk about their favorite teams. Having taught in Kansas for my entire career, I get a lot of flak about being an OU fan. But, that's okay. Anything that gets the kids talking to me and helps me relate to them is a good thing. Conversations help build rapport, which is so important when dealing with students in any venue. I don't really hate any team, but I like to tease the kids that think Texas is a good team, or that Nebraska was the best team in the Big 12. I don't care who roots for who, and I have friends who are fans of both. I personally do cheer for both the Oklahoma teams and both the Kansas teams. I have learned that I can have conversations with kids that I don't have anything else in common with, just by the simple fact that they see my tie in passing. In fact, that really is why I like wearing all these different ties.


  1. LOVE how the lighting on this picture made the tie look PURPLE! ;-)

  2. Ha! Good one, Brenda. I promise, that's just bad photography.... I look for a good game next year, perhaps at the Big 12 Championship?


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