Monday, December 6, 2010

Kermit the Frog Tie

This tie came from Dick McCall. Dick is the current President of the Pratt Kiwanis club, to which I belong. Just as all the members of this wonderful organization, he has welcomed me to be part of the community. There are some great people that are part of the Pratt Kiwanis and I will have to post more about the club later. Dick McCall brought me a tie hangar with a bunch of ties this summer. There were some great ties! I'm not sure why there were so many green ones with frogs...

Kermit the Frog is a pretty cool fellow. Have you ever seen Kermit, or as Miss Piggy affectionately calls him, "Kermmie" lose his cool? Okay there are times when Animal is eating the drums, Gonzo is freaking out, or Fozzie Bear just won't stop telling those horrible jokes. Even then he just yells "Quiet!" and things calm down so he can give his heart-felt monologue and go back to normal. Kermit is the leader without being obvious about it. A frog as a leader? When we moved to Pratt, I thought that the mascot of a Greenback was very odd. However, if they are talking about Kermit, I can understand it. My favorite Kermit segments are when he is the "Action News" reporter. Okay, so maybe even Kermit can lose his cool once in a while. Enjoy:

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